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Wildlife & Eco Tours, Orissa   Chilika Nature & Wildlife Tour
  Visit to various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.
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  Tour to popular hill stations all over India especially in Summer.
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  Travel to ethnic tribes and tribal villages of India and witness their
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  Make your holidays memorable in some of the finest and exotic
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  Travel, explore and learn. Educational and research tours.
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Be it scenic hill stations or exotic-virgin beaches, Indian
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  India is the abode of many pilgrim and holy destinations.
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  Escape from the city for a short tour. Rejoice and get

Yes, Orissa! The Land Eternal, the Land where centuries of history of history from the time of Buddha and even before … live by paddy fields being worshiped with azure blue skies embedded with feathery clouds above … and enchanting Charms of the Green blue Bay of Bengal, the mighty Sun Temple of Konark, the Golden Triangle Circuit to un spoilt Beaches like Puri & Gopalpur on Sea and Wildlife sanctuaries like Similpal and Nandankanan ,people brimming with joy, Craftsmen and artisans creating exquisite wares, a dazzling array of fairs and festivals and more.
Once upon a time Orissa very much known as Kalinga Kingdom in ancient history and best known for it’s brave resistance against the invasion of the Mauryan King Ashoka of 3rd century B C which culminated in Kalinga war in 261 B C.The War transformed King Asoka who later became a great follower of the Budhism spreading the message of Budha to Ceylone (Srilanka) and far east. Exquisite remains of Budhist past are still found in the relics of Ratnagiri, Lalitgiri and Udaygiri hills of Orissa. The ancient state rose to prominence Under Kharvela, a great conqueror and Patron of jainaism in the second half of 1st century B C .It is to this Period of Kharavela that Orissa owes its sophisticated Jain art and architectural tradition largely found at Khandagiri-Udaygiri Caves. During 7th to 13th century A D Odihsa flourished and along with it evolved its art and architectural tradition.
Orissa, really boasts a remarkable place in the historical, Cultural, traditional and social map India. Visiting Orissa is truly incomplete without stepping in the hamlets of Tribes of Orissa. Orissa is home of 62 beautiful Unspoilt Tribe surrounded by elegant nature with mountain and forest. Their original costumes, jewelries, religious belief and typical colorful Market places are really something which touches the heart of modern lifestyle. Their ancient dialect is also an important specialty .Music & Dance and Fairs & festival of these Aborigines provide an additional surprise.
Orissa handlooms have a rich tradition. It’s "Tie & Dye" patterns are world famous. In international parlance, it is well known as IKAT fabrics. The Ikat technique is commonly known as BANDHA in Orissa. The weavers of Orissa are a traditional class by themselves. They have been known far and wide for the intricate and painstaking skill woven in their Fabrics.
Orissa is famous for its rare breed of white Tigers and has an abundance of other faunal varieties huddled in its many wildlife parks and sanctuaries. The Similpal National Park, Nandankanan Zoological Park, Chilika, Bhitarkanika and Gahirmatha Wildlife Sanctuaries are already on the world map. Apart from them Tikarpara Gharial Sanctuary, Usakothi Wild life sanctuary ,Chandaka Elephant Reserve ,Kotagada & Sunabeda Wildlife sanctuaries are also excellent conservation areas for popular with tourists who wish to enjoy the wild unspoilt environment of nature.
Art, Craft, Dance and Music are the life blood of Orissa. Odissi Dance may well claim to be the earliest classical Indian Style on the basis of archeological evidence and from beautifully illustrated manuscripts and sculptures. Other Classical dance is Gotipua really reminds the temple cultural history of Orissa even of 2nd century B C at Udaygiri Jain Caves of Bhubaneswar to Masterpiece of Orissa Artisans at Sun Temple of Konark, the world heritage.


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