Ratnagiri-Lalitgiri-Udaygiri, three hills and their environs comprise a remarkable Buddhist
complex.Hiuentsang, the Chinese pilgrim found it to be the seat of a flourishing
Buddhists University Called Puspagiri. Extensive ruins of brick Pagodas, sculptured stone
portals and esoteric Buddhists images testifying it’s ancient glory, have been unearthed.
Ratnagiri is the gem of this complex. The magnificently carved door jamb of the Vihar
and the superbly finished Buddha images form perhaps the greatest concentration of the
Post Gupta period Buddhist sculptures.

Important Tourist Attraction of Lalitigri,Ratnagiri & Udaygiri:
  • Lalitigri
  • Ratnagiri
  • Udaygiri
  • Lagudi
Other Tourist Attraction in & around Lalitigri,Ratnagiri & Udaygiri :
  • Puspagiri
  • Kayam
  • Gopalpur textile village
  • Chandikhol Mahavinayak temple
  • Baldev jew Temple at kenderapara
  • Bhitarkanika National Park
Important Festivals to See Around Lalitigri,Ratnagiri & Udaygiri :

Olasuni mela (Festival in February) and Other Hindu Festivals

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