Chilika Lake is spreading over an area of 1100 sq kms is largest brackish water lake of
Asia and attracts large number of birds besides residents ones. Barkul, Ramba (From
National Highway 05) and From Satpada from Puri side are the base points to visit
Chilika Lake with dolphins and sea mouth.

Important Tourist Attraction of Chilika:
  • Mangala Jodi birds watching point.
  • Nalabana Bird Sanctuary
  • Kalijai temple
  • Satpada Dolphin point
  • Sea Mouth
Other Tourist Attraction in & around Chilika:
  • Narayani Temple ( NH 5 side)
  • Bhagabati Temple (NH 5 side) at Banapur
  • Nirmal Jhar
Important Festivals to See Around Chilika:

Boita Bandana at Chilika (November)